Get Photography: The Few Things You Need To Know

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Photography, The Few Things You Need To Know will give you everything you need to know to get started taking great photographs; for less than the price of a coffee.


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  • More than an hour of great content with ultra-high quality sound!
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  • Includes the ebook too, Photography: The Few Things You Need To Know!
  • Great for listening at home, in the car, on the train, even when you’re out photographing!

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To maximise learning efficiency, the book is divided into four sections;

Core Techniques

How to Take Control of Your Camera


Common Pitfalls

The Most Frequent Mistakes; And How To Avoid Them


Easy Wins

Things You Can Do Right Now to Dramatically Improve Your Photos


Pro Tips Bonus!

Some Amazing Pro Secrets That You Can Use Too

77 Pages of Pure Content, Helpful Illustrations and Beautiful Photographs!

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Or get the book AND the audiobook too so you can listen whenever, wherever and maximise your leaning efficiency