Have a camera? To make the most of it, this book is essential reading. Let's explain;

  • There are more than 140 billion photos on Facebook
  • Your photos have to be good to stand out
  • Most people still use auto mode, which is very limiting
  • But Photography is easy now; you only need to learn a few principles
  • This book gives you all the information you need...
  • And at 99p, it's priced for less than a cup of coffee!


Or get the book AND the audiobook too for just £4.99 so you can listen whenever, wherever and maximise your learning efficiency

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1This is a complete book.  It contains the essential principles identified from hundreds of hours of teaching. You really can choose to only read this and make great photographs, saving you time and money.


2The book was written to be very easy to read; precise and concise. It explains the important ideas in clear, non-technical language. It’s been thoroughly child-tested to make sure you can focus on photography instead of reading!


3We know you’re busy, so we’ve concentrated the information in your book and cut out the fluff. We don’t use two words where one will do. Now you can learn faster and focus on quickly improving your photography.

Great Value

4We want this book to be accessible to everyone. So we priced it for less than a cup of coffee. And we even include a 100% money-back guarantee. When you’ve spent at least a hundred on a camera, it’s an obvious choice.


77 Pages of Pure Content, Helpful Illustrations and Beautiful Photographs!

The Audiobook Package!

Are you busy? Get the unabridged audio-book and enjoy learning about photography wherever you are!

  • More than an hour of great content!
  • Ultra-high quality sound!
  • Includes the book, Photography: The Few Things You Need To Know!
  • Great for listening at home, in the car, on the train, even when you’re out photographing!

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