Do you want people to think of you or your business as an authority? As trustworthy? As intelligent? As higher class? As successful? Even as sexy?

The R.P. (Received Pronunciation) accent is the most trusted accent. It’s surprisingly rare, and you should benefit from using it.

The BBC said, ‘In many Anglophone countries, the dialect spoken by most of the population is considered to be standard, such as Standard American or Standard Australian English. In the UK, however, the so-called standard – known as RP or the Queen’s English – is spoken natively by less than 3%.’


David Crystal said, ‘it’s an accent which has long been associated with royalty, government, the law courts, the Church of England, Oxford and Cambridge, the public schools, and the BBC. In the days of the British Empire, it was the accent which travelled round the world. It’s called ‘received’ because it has been passed down by the ‘elite’ groups in Britain, ever since it developed a few hundred years ago as the accent favoured by the court and the upper classes. These days, RP is spoken by very few people in Britain – less than 3 per cent of the population use it now.’


It’s true that fewer than 3% of English people actually have the ‘posh’ R.P. accent; mainly political leaders, land-owners, lawyers, doctors and top business-people.

Other accents may not only give you the benefits associated with the R.P. British accent; they can even make people view you and your business negatively!

Therefore, you may want to benefit from the personal and professional advantages that an R.P. ‘posh’ accent gives you.

We can help with;

  • Voice-overs (clients include Microsoft)
  • Speech coaching for proper pronunciation & public speaking techniques
  • English language lessons in Received Pronunciation (adults & children, in person and online)
  • Proof-reading speeches & copywriting for R.P. English vocabulary



‘…the British accent was rated as more credible than the local accent in commercials—and that a British accent even increased customers’ intention to purchase the product in question.’
‘Results found that participants rated their customer satisfaction as significantly higher when the employee had a British accent—despite the interactions following identical scripts.’
‘we find British accents sexy and alluring, they also convey credibility, sophistication, and competence.’
‘A recent poll asked 11,000 people from all over the world to name which foreign accent was the sexiest… The resounding winner? The British accent’

‘… related to higher status jobs, RP speakers were rated as more suitable than their nonstandard-accented counterparts.’ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0388000181800150



‘Ss rated on the basis of traits related to desirability in regard to friendship, e.g., dependability, intelligence, character, etc. As expected, English students rated those speaking in English more favorably; unexpectedly, so did the French students.’ http://psycnet.apa.org/record/1960-07642-001



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